Please see below for brief details on our current and completed instructions. Contact us for further information on any of these plus others:


BskyB Building 2, value £45m

1 Oxford Street, value £35m

Kingsgate House, value £25.5m

20 Fenchurch Street, value £20.5m

Buckingham Green, value £20m

Southbank Tower, value £20m

One New Change, value £13.2m

Old Street Yard, value £11m

20 Farringdon Street, value £9m

Design District, value £9m

Henrietta House, value £8m

Ropemaker Street, value £7.5m

8-10 Grafton Street, value £7m

60 Queen Victoria Street, value £4m

3 Finsbury Avenue, value £2.5m

London Wall Place, value £2.5m

BskyB Meeting Centre, value £2.1m

Education and healthcare

Great Ormond Street, value £37.8m

University College London, value £15m

Greenwich University, value £12.5m

West Thames College, value £9.6m

BskyB BiBB, value £5m

Winstanley & York Road Phase 0, value £5m

University of Sussex, value £3m

Queen Elizabeth Hospital, value £0.8m

Retail, leisure and transport

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, value £80m

Farringdon Station, value £45m

Paddington Station, value £30m

Savoy Hotel, value £24.3m

Queensbridge House, value £11.5m

Lancaster Hotel, value £7.5m

Bond Street Station, value £5.5m

Westfield Stratford City, value £5.3m

Olympic Aquatics Centre, value £4.5m

Plumstead Station, value £4m

Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, value £4m

HVAC Programme, value £3.9m

Residential and mixed-use

Stephenson Street, value £170m

Chelsea Barracks, value £100m

Nova Victoria, value £60m

Camden Lock, value £35m

Canada Gardens, value £33m

One Palace Street, value £28m

1 Grosvenor Square, value £21m

Hornsey Depot Development, value £17.9m

48 Carey Street, value £16m

Quadrant 4, value £13m

Gascoigne East, value £11m

5 Miles Street, value £8.5m

Barlow Place, value £6m

Beaufort Gardens, value £5.2m

Victoria Drive, value £5m

Trafalgar Place, value £4.1m

One Hyde Park, value £1.6m


Swindon Modular Data Centre, value £7m

Toltec Data Centre, value £5m

Southbank Data Centre, value £3m

Watford Data Centre, value £4.5m

Gyron Data Centre, value £2.5m